Spice up that reception or corporate event

Looking to crank up the fun and excitement to your wedding reception or company event? Then consider our open air photo booth. Photo booths are enjoyed by guests of all age groups. I mean really who doesn't enjoy dressing up and posing for some funny pictures. Also photo booths are not only fun to participate in, they are a blast just to watch as your guests interact with each other choosing their props and hamming it up for the camera.

What exactly is an "Open Air" photo booth? Open air photo booths come with large backdrops which allow for much larger groups to get in the image. Normal enclosed "booth" styles usually only allow for 3 or 4 guests to squeeze into the booth. Open air is open on all sides and allow for much larger groups to be photographed together. It also allows for those who might be handicaped and in wheel chairs to easily partake in the fun.

Our booths come with an attendant for the entire time. We set it up and take it down. Professional cameras and lighting are used to give you high quality prints and downloads. We provide a large assortment of props from funny glasses, hats, boa's, masks, etc. Want to bring your own props? Feel free we have no objections.


  • 3 hrs operating time
  • large assortment of awesome props
  • all images delivered on memory stick
  • images made available for download
  • Facebook Gallery