Hot Springs, AR Senior Pictures

Addison & Kate Senior Pictures

This Arkansas State Park outside Hot Springs, AR is pretty special to our family as both mine and my wifes family used to camp here several times a summer when we were kids. No idea if we were ever herre on the same weekend. I have visited here for forever it seems and had been waiting on a perfect time to photograph the falls behind the swimming area for many years.

So one Saturday in late March we headed out on the nearly three hour drive from El Dorado to the park. I had so many things planned out in my head, but was a bit worried about the weather. It had stormed the night before and dumped a lot of water in the mountian stream that feeds this creeek and it was still really cloudy and unseasonably cool. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue but this water is usually arounf 70 degrees in August so I knew it was going to be cold on the girls today.

These two girls have been close friends since the 7th grade so only fitting they had their senior pictures taken together. Ok full disclouse here. These are my girls well the blonde blood and the brunette might as well be as she lhas been living with us till graduation. They had picked out their outfits the week before and was all ready to get wet, no matter how cold it was. Then we arrived at the park to what was nothing short of that Clark Griswald moment in National Lampoons Vacation where he pulls into Wallyword to find security guard John Candy telling him “Sorry folks, parks closed” What? No, Can’t be happening. A gate with a big closed sign spread across the park entrance. Crap!

Looking up on the hill I spied a single camper in the what is the “camp host” spot with a family sitting out enjoying the day. I walked around the gate and up the hill to introduce myself and explain what I was here for. And beg them to unlock that gate. Nope sorry parks closed. Opens some time in April. It was then I pulled my pistol…OK OK no I didn’t, better judgement took over. I didn’t figure my day would end as well as Clark Griswalds did. Butt, after talking to the host and explaining my plans they said we could walk in but not dirve. OK, that’s better than nothing even if we did have quite a bit of cloths and gear and the falls were a little ways back. Oh well I didn’t drive this far to turn back because of a little walk so off we went. Below is the results of our afternoon. I think it was worth the trouble.