Here are answers to many of the common questions we receive regarding our wedding photography. We hope this answers most of your questions, but if not please contact us and we will be happy to assisit.

Q..Our venue requires the photographer to have insurance is that a problem?

Not at all. We not only carry insurance on our equipment we carry professional liability insurance for just this reason. Proof of insurance provided upon request by venue.

Q..Are you the actual photographer that will shoot my wedding?


Q..That sure is a pretty lens you got there. What kind is that?

I shoot mostly all professional grade Canon equipment with maybe a Sigma lens thrown in the mix from time to time.

Q..Do you bring back up equipment?
You bet! Any photographer you choose should have back up cameras, back up lens, back up flash etc. You never know when something could malfunction. Well, yes we actually do. Things always malfunction at the most important moments. A good wedding photographer will be prepared with his back ups and more than likely you will never know the was an issue.

Q..What if you wake up with the bubble gut the morning of my wedding?
I understand you are depending on me and I will have to be very sick not to be there. But, should something terrible happen. I have other photographers I could call on that would do an awesome job for you.

Q..Should I add a second photographer to my package?
If the wedding is anything other than a small event I would say next to an album it is one of the best investments you can make. I can only be in one place at one time. Having two sets of eyes allows for the most unique and comprehensive view of your wedding day.

Q..How many images will I receive?
No specific number of images are guaranteed, however an average 7 hour wedding with only one photographer normally produces around 450 or more images, but every wedding is different. A good rule of thumb is around 60 – 80 images per hour of actual coverage . We believe quality over quantity!

Q..Do I get a copy of all the images that are taken?
No. Only the good ones. We do not provide you with a copy of every image taken on your wedding day as many of them are duplicates maybe even triplets. During the culling process, we try to keep only the best images by eliminating images that don’t measure up to our standards. Generally, we only delete duplicates, blurred images, blinkers or unflattering captures

Q..I got a disk. Can I print these image for myself?
Sure you can! Our wedding package image DVD’s come with high-resolution, ready-to-print files, with full print release. While you are more than welcome to print your own images at the lab of your choice, for guaranteed, professional results (especially with your enlargements) we highly recommend you order through us via our online system using our labs.

Q..What about a “First Look” Do you do them?
Yes and while I highly recommend them, it depends on you and how traditional you are whether one is right for you. You see, on a wedding day, the schedule is VERY tight, and we photographers after all the family formals are complete are usually only left with a very few minutes for photographs with the bride and groom before they have to hurry off to the reception. So many brides/grooms are now stepping out and breaking the tradition of not being seen in their dress before walking down the aisle and opting for a ‘First Look’ session.

During your “First Look” we will find a nice quiet place where it is just the two of you and us the photographer present. As the groom turns to see his beautiful bride for the first time, we will be there to catch all the emotions of this beautiful, private moment between the two of you. After the “First Look” we can then begin to get all the family formals out of the way prior to the ceremony so when it is over we are free to head immediately head over to the reception to begin the party! Your guest will love not having to wait an hour before you arrive!

Q..What if my wedding day runs long  and we want you to stick around?
In instances, when receptions are rock’n and everyone is kick’n it Gangnam style so no one wants to leave we would usually be happy to stick around. This require a small additional small fee of $175/hr to stick around a bit longer to capture all the excitement. When you see the pictures you will be glad we did.

Q..Do you offer destination photography?
Yes! We love to travel, but due to the special circumstances of some destination weddings, we will need to build a custom price and package just for you. Do not hesitate to ask! Wedding day travel within 120 miles of El Dorado, AR is included with all packages.

Q..Do you retouch our images?
Yes! We do general retouching color correction on all photos you receive. We can offer specific retouching upon request, with in reason. Simple blemishes are touched up for the bride & groom on close-ups. All prints purchased through our online proofing system also get additional retouching inspection upon purchase before they are uploaded to our lab.

Q..Do I have to provide a list of shots I want?
Not at all. We actually do not like to work from lists as it can interrupt the flow and emotions the day can bring. However, we will work with you on getting a list of the family formals you will want. This list along with every ones cooperation and attendance will help us move through these pictures as quickly as possible.  We recommend keeping this list as brief as possible as it can take up quit a bit of time during your wedding day.

Q..How long does it take to get our wedding images?
We strive to have your images ready and in your on-line gallery within 4 or 5 weeks. However during peak wedding season it could take up to 8 weeks. Culling and editing a couple thousand images from a wedding day is not a fast process and we will not compromise quality for speed.

Q..What is a print credit?
Once your wedding images are posted I will send you a discount code worth the value specified in your package. Say you purchased a package that has a $200 print credit. You will receive a discount code worth $200.00 in print credit. You can then go in view your images order your prints and at check out apply your print credit code and $200.00 would be subtracted from your total. A great way to be able to afford enlargements of your favorite pictures for wall prints or gallery wraps

Q..Who is allowed to view and order prints?
Anyone you want to! Once your images are posted you will receive an email telling you they are ready to view and purchase. Just forward the web address and password of your gallery to all your family and friends cause anyone with a balance left on their credit card is free to order.

Q..When should we book our date?
The sooner the better! Come on you know you want to.  Popular dates regularly fill up many months, even up to a year in advance. We highly suggest you book as soon as you are possibly able to.

Q..I just love your work. How do we book our date?
Get in touch with us! Smoke signals, telegraph or pony express might all work, but the easiest way would be clicking that “Contact” button at the top of this page and lets make sure your date is available and lets set up a  consultation. To reserve your date all that is required is a non-refundable retainer fee and signed contract. Retainer fee varies depending on which package you choose and is deducted from the total package cost.

Q..Will you hold our date for a little while till we decide?
No sorry, many times we have different couples inquire wanting the same popular date. To keep things fair for all we book on a first come, first served basis. Please take all the time you need to make sure we are the perfect photographer for you, but please understand all dates will remain open until we receive the retainer fee and signed contract.

Q..What are your payment options/requirements?
Following your retainer payment, we require the remaining balance to be paid in full 14 days prior to the booked date. We usually try to send you an invoice a few weeks before your date as a friendly reminder that payment is coming due.  You are also free to make partial payments along the way as long as balance is paid in full by the 14 day mark. Sorry, We cannot and will not receive payments on the wedding day. Nothing worse than having to handle fiances on your busy wedding day when we should be having fun!

Q..Do you offer refunds?
Short answer…No, Sorry. Once you book us we make a commitment to being exclusive to your wedding date. We will already have time and planning invested into your wedding as well as refusing any other work for the day you booked us for. Therefore, retainers and all deposits/payments are non-refundable. We can only offer refunds in the event we are able to re-book your contracted date. That said we are sensitive to family emergencies and special situations that might require a last minute rescheduling of your wedding where no money would be lost, but transferred to the new date. These are handled on a case by case basis.

Q..I still have questions. Can I contact you?
Sure! Either use our ‘Contact” page or give us a call at 870-315-0580.