Coffee Table Books


Our custom designed coffee table books are a beautiful, less expensive option to our signature wedding albums saving you money while still offering outstanding craftsmanship and beautiful design elements.

What is the difference between the two albums. Two things really, cover material options and page thickness. There is no difference in print qulity as both are printed on Fuji Lustre paper

Our coffeetable books have many cover options, unfortunately genuine leather is not one of them. However, with a large assortment of faux leathers, cloths and photo cover options you are sure to find something to fit your style.

The pages of our coffee table books while thinner than the Signature albums "thick" style pages still don't bend or crease nearly as easly as regular paper. Don't confuse these books with the "press-book" offerings others sell. These are not press-books, but true photographic prints mounted and printed at very budget friendly prices.

NEW FOR 2016! Now offering the popular thick pages with our more budget friendly coffee table books. We have taken two photographic prints and mounted them on a substrate to form a thicker page offering. These new thick pages being offered in the coffeetable books really set these apart albums offered by others! 

These albums come standard with 20 pages and your choice of a single cover material (no two tones). You can customize your album further with available upgrades like cover image cutouts,  (like shown in images) or added pages. Standard album pricing begins at $360.00 for sizes of 12x12, 8x12,or 9x12 in the skinny page option or $450 for the new thick page option. Order a duplicate copy for a loved one same size for only $250.  Many other sizes to choose from. Email for pricing.